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Intention & Attention

Thanks for coming to check out our manifestation station at Pantheon! We specialize in high design, high purpose longboard products. Specifically, we make commuter longboards  and distance skateboardsdownhill/freeride surfboardstechnical downhill boards, as well as longboard accessories and  skate  apparel. We began with the intention to pack attentive design into purpose built skateboards and to use the medium of skateboarding as an artistic outlet to praise and enhance universal consciousness. We want to blow your mind with the ultimate ride experience, attending to every aspect of the skateboard as artistic expression.

We are here because we believe we can turn more people on to  longboarding and skateboarding with our brand and boards. We believe we can help enhance your experience on the road. Our products are purely inspired and often ahead of their time in shape and function. We take risks and avoid popular shapes that we feel lack specific purpose like pintails and single kick mini cruisers. And we demand the absolute BEST feeling and functioning concaves before we bring a product to market. We want to be your guide as you navigate longboard transport on your terrain. From the flats to the hills, we are here to help you get where you’re going safely, with more confidence and control, resulting in big smiles and life long impressions. We are inspired by the idea of skating ’til we die, and hope you’re ready to take that journey with us!


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