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The Eric Bourgeois
Downhill Skateboard Video Cache

Pantheon team rider Eric Bourgeois has been stacking clips for some time for a self-edited video series featuring spots and music he’s been connecting with. Oh, and of course high-speed downhill sliding and heavy leaning on his Pantheon Gaia. We are going to just stack the clips here in one location so you can see them all at once if you so desire!

We’ll post the newest downhill skate videos to the top and update as more come in from Eric!

Pantheon Team rider Eric Bourgeois

Eric is a Pantheon team rider for many reasons. Obviously, the dude rips. But he is equal parts thoughtful and intelligent human, community organizer, entrepreneur (with Boujee Boardshop), and consciously searching and aware. You’ll notice pretty much the whole team has fairly similar traits, expressed in different ways, but all clearly manifest. I suppose this is just what we’re into 😉

You can catch Eric in a lot of places in the Pantheon downhill circle. He helped us create and edit our entire 2018 product video series. He also helped us make the videos for our double drop longboard, the Pantheon Trip and the Ember mini Commuter deck. And most recently, he has been showing his surfy downhill and freeride style off on the Pantheon Gaia. The Gaia features a 0.2-inch micro drop with a surfy-smooth side rail that is made for style and freedom and a highly leveraged kicktail that can ollie or tick-tack without feeling like a giant longboard. It is perfect for riders like Eric and Andy, who value useful features on an otherwise-unobtrusive platform.

Eric’s “En Gaia” Downhill Skate Videos

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