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Cheeezy Neezy Longboard Podcast

Cheeezy Neezy Podcast with Pantheon Longboards

Are you in the mood for a long meandering river of conversation? Check out the Cheeezy Neezy podcast–a longboard dedicated podcast by Neezy Boards’ Nick Verneau, with co-host and fellow board builder of PWRPLNT Longboards, Max Frank. They’ve been putting on podcasts for several months and have built up a pretty awesome collection of podcasts featuring primarily distance skaters or people involved with distance skating, as well as some prominent pillars in the longboard scene outside of just distance boarding, like James Hopkin of Hopkin Skate.

But for today, we are stoked to present their interview with Pantheon owner and designer, and distance skate world record holder, Jeffrey Vyain. That’s meeee. Thanks for having a listen, if you know…you’re having one. Follow the Cheeezy Neezy podcast for about-weekly podcasts that dig deep into the skate world. You can find them at the link there, or search on your phone’s podcast app. They are pretty much everywhere! Top recommendations would be the Calleigh Little interview and Andy Andras. Those two are killer, if we are singling any one out. And while you’re at it, go ahead and follow the Hop Podcast by James Hopkin, and hisĀ other side project, Skate Every Day, also found on your phone’s podcast app! We did an interview on Skate Every Day. My favorite Hop Podcasts were the Thiago Lessa series, Emily Pross, and Kavon Zamanian interviews. All great listens! The world of podcasting is exciting and interesting, so if you’re curious, have a listen!


Jeff from Pantheon Longboards

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