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Do you ship to _____?

The answer to this question is 99.9% yes. Go ahead through the website, add the product you’re interested in to your cart and begin the checkout process. Put your address in, and the website will give you a live shipping quote. Tada!

There is a problem with my order, who do I call?

Call or text Jeff at 317-603-8182. We’ll either answer right then or get back to you ASAP! You can also email [email protected] Include your order # in your email.

Where is my tracking number?

It’s either in your trash/junk mail, or your order hasn’t shipped yet. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions regarding your order!

How quickly will you ship my order?

We almost always ship next business day, but every once in a while it will take two business days to get your order out. If it’s going to take any longer than that, like if we are waiting for a restock on trucks or for any reason whatsoever, we will send you an email and let you know what’s up. This is very #rare though.

Do you take returns?

In the rare event that you need to make a return, we will take returns on any products that are in new condition. Purchasing party is responsible for return shipping. Original shipping charges will be deducted from refund. Refunds will be issued once goods are received and verified in new condition.

Please refer to our Returns & Refunds policy page.

Why aren’t you in my local shop?

Good question. We want to make the dankest boards available to everybody, so we are definitely interested. Please have your shop reach out to [email protected] We also have a little wholesale link at the bottom of our home page. You can inquire there as well!

Should I get Caguamas or Speed Vents?

Good question! In general, I like saying that if you’re going for a pure commuter setup, getting from point A to B, 85mm Speed Vents in Defcon urethane (we offer the mangos) are the fastest wheel on the market. In fact, they hold the downhill speed record! They will give you a thinner overall profile, which will create a touch less worry about kicking the wheel when pushing. The Caguamas have a little bit softer feeling ride, mostly due to the wider contact patch, and they definitely grip a bit harder, so if you really enjoy hard carving and gripping turns, go for them! They also have this weird mental steamroller effect where you literally feel like you can run over anything. They are the same diameter as the Speed Vents but the wider contact patch is definitely noticeable. Neither setup will bite with our Ember complete. Only put them on a Trip if you’re running 180mm trucks.

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