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Owner Jeff Vyain’s Interview with Longboard Envy

Interview with Longboard Envy

I recently had a chat with Sam Arrington of Longboard Envy about the story of how Pantheon came to be, some of what to expect for the 2019 season, who makes Pantheon Longboards go ’round, and what it’s like to be a skateboard company owner/Dad. Check out the Pantheon Longboards Interview here. It’s pretty candid and hopefully will make a good read for people interested in Pantheon and longboarding in general.

In the interview, we speak a little about our top commuter longboard, the Ember, and some new graphics coming for our double drop Trip longboard. As well as a couple other new decks coming in 2019 like the Nexus, Quest, and Gaia. Keep an eye on these pages for updates and bookmark Pantheon Longboards to stay up to date!

Filling the Hole in the Internet

Longboard Envy is a rad site run by people who love skateboarding. Ever since the fall of Silverfish, there has been a gaping hole in the internet when it comes to longboarding information. Sure, we have Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit, but everything that gets posted to these locations disappears from your feed inside a couple weeks at most, and a lot of the helpful information disappears. And hype and today’s memes reign supreme. For reasons such as this, we find sites like, and, for example, to be of exceptional importance in today’s skateboard culture. Shoutout to the good souls who help keep these sites going for adding to, highlighting, and preserving our skate culture and the information which helps skaters hone their setups and find more information about all things skate related. These are just a few of my favorite sites, and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to these guys–JC, Les, and James. Much love!

Pantheon Longboards Home Page


Click Here for the Pantheon Longboards Interview with Longboard Envy

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