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Pantheon CHiller Pro Longboard – Chase Hiller Pro Model


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    Our recommended Complete setup includes Paris Silver 165mm, 43-degree RKP Trucks, Powell Peralta 69mm Snakes Wheels, Yellow (hard) Orangatang Nipple Bushings, and AOA Built-in Bearings. Customize your setup below.

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Pantheon Chiller Pro

Maple / Fiberglass MicroDrop Technical Downhill Longboard


The original Scoot deck has been revamped more times than any other deck in our lineup and it has historically been our most popular downhill board since it started to catch steam after its original release in 2016. It is the most aggressive of any of the downhill boards in our lineup in terms of features and concave, with intense but ergonomic micro drops, a tapered concave from the front to the back, and rear W-concave. It has also historicaly been ridden by our most talented downhill racers, from Scott Hurdleston in the early days to Chase Hiller more recently. We renamed this deck as the CHiller after the skater who has been pushing its limits to the max, sometimes beyond what we even thought was possible! Chase Hiller with a standup topside pendy, anyone? The CHiller Pro deck and mold has been one of the most epic shapes we’ve ever created, and for 2020, we have combined a classic maple construction with fiberglass for a deck that is torsionally race-stiff and ready to perform that also doesn’t break the bank.


We aren’t just sticking Chase’s name on a deck as a vanity project. Proceeds from board sales go into helping Chase cover costs associated with his racing career, from ramen noodles to plane flights. Your purchase helps support his skateboarding. Having a direct connection from board sales to financial support is more rare than you might think in the longboard world, and it’s something we are proud to implement at the base of our business model for this board.


In order to produce the functional and performance oriented, but cost-effective skateboard, we brought the construction of the CHiller to the next level. During our prototype process, we tested several cores with all bamboo/fiberglass, combinations of maple, bamboo, and fiberglass, all maple, and finally a classic maple layup with fiberglass in various positions.

We settled on putting the fiberglass under the top and bottom layers of maple in a classic 8 ply maple sandwich. We did this for a couple reasons. Firstly, fiberglass SUCKS to touch, from both a user-perspective as well as for the person making the board. After you wear your board in, periodically, you’ll pick up your board and loose fiberglass will end up in your hands. The same goes for the person sanding the deck. The more exposed the fiberglass, the more you’re going to feel it. Secondly, we’ve been making wood decks for 6 years and really feel as though boards are most aesthetically pleasing in wood. The CHiller looks better than ever with an all-new graphic and dyed maple veneers.

So now that we’ve told you all the things we don’t like about fiberglass, we’ll tell you why it’s there. The biggest reason is that we wanted to create a deck that wouldn’t warp on you, no matter how much you abuse it. Furthermore, we are able to create a lighter weight layup while still offering downhill-capable rigidity for enhanced control when blasting down hills and into slides. Once we weighed the benefits versus the costs, hiding a couple of layers of triaxial fiberglass inside the board was a no-brainer that will result in even fewer board failures and higher performance.

Finally, we’ve added a sweet griptape design with 36-grit, downhill ready griptape on the top. There is definitely more value than ever in this board!


The biggest change you’ll notice from previous models is that we’ve added a tail! This is hardly a requirement for a downhill longboard, but it is a great addition for fun! We also made some very slight tweaks to the shape, including taking in the width to 9.6″. Along with the thinner profile, what you’ll notice most are pronounced curves in the drops and a comfortable, yet functional, W-concave in the rear of the deck. Last and certainly not least, we set this puppy up the way that Chase has been riding it, by flush mounting and shortening the wheelbase from previous models. Repeat: the platform size HAS NOT CHANGED, but the wheelbase has!


The most notable thing about this deck is just how functional these curves are going to feel. The CHiller Pro has every feature you could possibly want in a downhill longboard, if you’re a feature-lover. The concave is not basic at all, but it packs the features into the deck in a very ergonomic way. It almost feels like suction cups for your feet. It’s kinda ridiculous. You’re going to look at it and wonder who we sold our soul to in order to bend wood like this, and then you’re going to stand in it every chance you get and attack hills with more confidence than ever. Ridiculously ergonomic wood bends combined with a lightweight, torsionally stiff and strong board make for a winning combination.


In general, the CHiller being just a touch above 9 1/2 inches wide makes for an ideal trucks size somewhere between 145-165mm, depending on your wheel choice.

We are offering the CHiller as a deck only or a complete. If you wish to purchase this board as a complete, we recommend that you primarily consider your purpose with the board. Couple the board with 50 degree Paris 165mm trucks, front and rear, for the most nimble setup available, so that you can easily take those low-speed tight turns around sidewalk corners and easily break traction as you learn to control your slides. Especially consider the symmetrical 50/50-degree setup for anyone who wants the ability to ride switch.

Are you just starting to dabble in the world of downhill and want a little added stability? We recommend the 165mm 50/43 degree setup for a little more stability in that back end. This will render your CHiller still very agile and easy to maneuver in tight spots, but it will add a little extra stability to that back end to help reduce wobbles. At the end of the day, you’re the one in control, and you need to stay within your abilities, but having a little bit of extra stability will help with your confidence and focus the steering toward the front, which is important to your stability! If you plan to ride the asymmetrical setup, we recommend making your bushings asymmetrical as well, whether you purchase them from us or elsewhere. The purple mediums in front and yellow hards in back are a very nice setup for this.

Are you a little more experienced and looking to freeride on bigger hills with greater speed? If you’re looking for a complete to do this, we suggest the 43-degree front and rear option. This will allow you to ride switch comfortable, and the lower degree trucks will turn a little more slowly and lean more, which generally feels a lot better once you’re going in the 20mph+ range. I would hardly say this is a more advanced setup, but it will likely increase confidence for those who are planning to go a little faster. As always, wear proper safety gear (a helmet and gloves at least!) and skate within your limits!


There are so many wheel options out there. At the end of the day, I just want to pick a couple popular wheels that offer high performance to our customers. If you are looking for something specific other than these, all the power to you! We are offering Seismic Tantrums in our favorite durometer, the mango 78a. These come stone ground with a round lip, so they are ready to slide right out of the box. They are a great option for freeriders and cruisers alike, as they feature a large hollow core that reduces weight and makes popping the tail noticeably easier. Our other wheel option we are offering are the Powell KRimes in 72mm, 75a. These are a touch more downhill centric but make a most excellent all-around wheel. They’ll grip a corner and when you let them loose, they slide like butter. You’ll just have to break through the skin first! We highly recommend either of these options, and we’ll bring back the Powell Snakes as soon as we can get them!


Bushings are a very personal thing. Your stock Paris trucks may or may not be able to get wheelbite with the stock bushings. I’d call it borderline, and it’s largely dependent on style and your weight. While I feel comfortable on the stock bushings, usually I will upgrade my own bushings to the Orangatang Nipples option that we offer here on our website. I am 170 lbs and I will either run double yellow (hard) front and back on 43/43 165mm Paris trucks, or I will run purple mediums in front and hard yellows in back on a 50/43 165mm setup. Both are great options. There are tons of other bushings out there, such as Venom or Riptide. Riptide’s website, for example, is super helpful and will even let you SEARCH FOR BUSHINGS BY TRUCK TYPE. This page is legitimately one of the most helpful tools in the skateboard industry. Definitely click that sucker.


Length: 36.3″
Width: 9.6″
Wheelbase: 24.25-26.25″
Drop: .375″ Modified Crescent

6 reviews for Pantheon CHiller Pro Longboard – Chase Hiller Pro Model

  1. Ryan Sharit (verified owner)

    Pantheon longboards are definitely from another planet. The functionality and durability of these decks are amazing. The drops are agressive yet subtle. The w and taper are perfect, it gives you a few options if you prefer a more narrow or wide stance. Wheelbase options are perfect, though I do wish the tail was a tad wider. I have my scoot set up with 45° 169mm dont trip boomers and it feels so comfortable for freeriding ive never felt so confident on a board before. This beauty of a beast is definitely something you should get if your a fan of concave, quality boards , and awesome service from an amazing group of people behind the madness! Go get a pantheon board!

  2. Colin (verified owner)

    The Scoot is a wonderful board. It has some of the most aggressive concave I have ridden, and somehow manages to be extremely comfortable underfoot. The W concave is the closest I have experienced to perfection, getting out of the way for the front foot while providing good leverage for the rear. It also has pretty solid wheel clearance. I’m running 186mm Rojas with no riser and 72mm Powell Byron Esserts, and have yet to experience wheelbite, Pretty much the only wish I have for it would be to be a bit lighter, but the weight is what you would expect from a maple/carbon tank.

  3. Jeremy Plum (verified owner)

    After owning the OG Scoot, I was so deadset on never buying another downhill skateboard ever again… unless it was another Scoot. And the 2018 Scoot is nothing short of incredible. I have never felt so confident and locked in on a skateboard as the Scoot. From the old mold, to the new, there is nothing but improvements.

    I have mine set up with 180mm Bear Kodiaks, Venom Magnums and 1/4″ riser pads and this thing soars. The added kicktail just makes the hills so much more enjoyable.

    Stop thinking about it, just buy a Pantheon already.

  4. Adrian

    I’m not sponsored or affiliated with Pantheon in any way. I recently obtained a Chiller and I must say it’s easily the board with the best concave I’ve owned. I owned a Pantheon Asura in the past and I would say this thing is a true topmounted version of that board with a mellow w in the back (microdrop instead of a drop platform). The front foot is locked in as good as I’d expect from pantheon and even with my size 7.5 US foot, getting leverage over the whole board is easy. The rear w is so mellow that I don’t notice it when riding. You don’t really feel it until you want it when sliding which I enjoy because I don’t like most w concave. While the tail is small, it’s perfectly functional and the nose is even slightly upswept for people daring enough to use it. I’m running my Chiller with 164mm k5s 46/46 and powell snakes. It’s easily the board I’ve felt the most comfortable on in the least amount of time. Still being new to standup slides, this thing has been an immense help in instilling confidence in my ability to push my limits. I will definitely be buying another Summit series deck in the future.

  5. Kevin Neiheisel

    I got a 2020 Chiller, and it’s definitely the best board I’ve ever stood on. I have it set up with 145 rojas, and snakes. I felt way more comfortable at speed on just my first ride, it was like the board was begging to go faster. I haven’t done much extreme things yet, mostly due to not being able to trust my old boards completely. After stepping on this board, I’m definitely going to go push my limits and surpass where I was before. I’ve never felt this confident in a board and don’t think I will on anything else. The concave just wraps around my feet in all the right places and makes sure I don’t end up doing anything I don’t intend to. I’d definitely recommend this board to anyone looking to get a new downhill setup!

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    Oh man, this is the board I was looking for. The CHiller is perfect for me. If you want a board with medium to aggressive concave that will help develop your skills sliding and hitting higher speeds, this board is as good as it gets.

    The tapered concave is the best I’ve been on. Microdrops and an aggressive W leave my feet feeling completely secure. This helps when hitting higher speeds in a tuck, but also gives incredible leverage and control while sliding. Because of how my rear foot just falls right into the pocket, I can hit toeslides as easily as I can standups/Colemans. When I say “easily”, I mean that I don’t even have to move my feet to get into the right position to slide on either side. The front concave also gives a very comfortable pocket against the classic Pantheon crescent drop. I don’t know how Jeff and the team got this board shaped like this, but geez is it amazing. For reference, I have size 10.5 US feet. The concave truly is perfect for me.

    I generally don’t get above ~25 mph when riding… until I got on the CHiller. I still don’t plan on hitting higher speeds very often (just not fun for me, tbh), but I feel increasingly confident doing so if absolutely needed. Also, while aesthetics aren’t a huge factor for me, I find this deck to be simply beautiful. The artwork, the wood, the shape. Amazing.

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