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Pantheon Ember – Mini Commuter Longboard


5.0 (29 reviews)

Length: 32.75″
Width: 8.5″
WB: 25″

Out of stock


Pantheon Ember Mini Cruiser Commuter Longboard with Giant Wheels — No Wheelbite

The Ember

You’re on your way to work or school or your friend’s house. Wherever you’re going, you want to get there swiftly and with ease. You want your transport to be easy both during your ride and once you arrive. The Ember mini is the longboard commuter’s deck of choice to make it happen, and if it isn’t, you’re missing out! Other mini cruiser longboards sport anywhere from 55mm to 65mm wheels, leaving riders vulnerable to cracks and rocks. They usually have tiny wheelbases (usually 14 to 16 inches), making them fun at walking speeds but highly unstable once you’re going fast. Our Ember commuter longboard can fit up to 85mm wheels with ease and sports a 25-inch wheelbase. And the dropped platform puts skaters low to the ground, making pushing more energy efficient, increasing stability and helping to make foot braking easier and safer.

The Ember is the skateboarder’s longboard. At 32.75 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, it is nearly the same size as a street deck. It is designed around street trucks, also known as traditional kingpin (TKP) trucks, and fits huge wheels, wheelbite free. This little cruiser will stuff in most lockers or under your desk with ease. It is easily the best mini commuter longboard possible for short to mid-distance rides, from the time to step on it til you’ve stuffed it away and moved on with your day.

Riding the Ember – Mini Commuter Longboard with Giant Wheels

At its core, the Ember is a tightly packaged large wheeled mini longboard. It’s super low to the ground, and the streamline design around 149mm trucks make for more efficient and effective pushing by keeping the center of gravity closer to the body during each push. Riders will experience an enhanced feeling of safety and security, and you will glide on the Ember unlike any board you’ve tried before. As a mini longboard, expect to be faster, more energy efficient, and experience more confidence on the Ember. This isn’t marketing mumbo jumbo. It’s science! Commuter boards should be low and slim for maximum efficiency, and their size should reflect what you are willing to manage.

Because the deck is specifically designed around street trucks, you stand closer to the wheels, where you have the most control and leverage. No other commuter longboard is made this way, because almost any other longboard with similar characteristics will be built to support RKP trucks. The axle placement between these two styles is very different, and it matters for the way your board rides. We designed our Trip double drop longboard with RKPs in mind. The Ember, however, is built to maximize the interface between STREET trucks, your feet, and your board. It fits a ton of ride capability into a truly tiny mini longboard package. For a real idea of the stance and ride, watch this Pantheon Ember Commuter Longboard Video and see it in action!

Setup Advice

The Ember is the street skater’s commuter longboard. It fits perfectly around 149mm street trucks. We prefer this board with Paris Street 149mm, though you are welcome to use any street truck you want. Paris just have THAT FEEL, and this isn’t any favoritism being played here, though we clearly picked one. Paris are the trucks that we can push the hardest with the best balance and turn the best off of one foot, which is imperative for a true commuter longboard. If you can’t steer the thing, you’re going to end up running into someone or something. In that case, a low cost mini longboard that you can actually control is a great investment on many fronts! If you are having trouble finding Paris Street Trucks or want to evaluate a different option, Independent 149mm are my next favorite.

Big wheels are key for any commuter board. Every truck we have ridden on this board has worked with stock bushings without bite. We routinely ride 85mm Orangatang Caguamas and Seismic 85mm Speed Vents with great success. While the wheels get very close to the board, this is our intention. It has tight tolerances like a modern sports car. No offense to drivers who prefer to swim on the road, but that’s not what the Ember is for. This is a modern commuter skateboard with tight, reactive suspension and tons of control. Compared to other mini cruisers on the road, the Ember flies by them all.

For Kids

We are offering a smaller wheel option for the first time on the Ember–the Seismic 68mm Tantrums. This is a great option for young kids that will allow the board to be even lower and a little bit more low-profile. I like to set up smaller wheels for my own son, who is 7 years old, as it seems to help him just be a little less intimidated by the board. As he gets better and better, I will bump him up to the 85mm wheels, but I am very happy with starting him on the smaller wheels, as they are a little easier to accelerate, a touch slower at the high end, and definitely lighter weight. If you’re an adult that feels like a kid inside, the Tantrums are actually a really fun wheel that release traction very easily. They could make a good option for your Ember, but I think riders over 150 pounds may bottom out the board too easily.


Length – 32.75 inches
Wheelbase – 25 inches
Width – 8.5 inches
Drop – 3/4 inch crescent
Rocker – 1/4 inch

DESIGNED AROUND TRADITIONAL STREET TRUCKS ONLY! 149MM AND UP! Consider purchasing the Free Hands Fingerless Slide Gloves for commuter and distance skating safety. Some of us can’t work with hands like Swiss cheese! Clack those pucks together and let people know you’re coming, or even throw a hand down for a slide around a tight sidewalk corner!

Having trouble deciding on your commuter board? Read this article on our commuter boards – the Ember vs the Trip! Thanks for checking us out at Pantheon Longboards! With your will power and Pantheon’s commuter longboards, you can learn to be a superhero on the streets![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


29 reviews for Pantheon Ember – Mini Commuter Longboard

  1. Tyler Topping

    I’m having an absolute BLAST skating the Ember. I’ve been skating it every day – whether its going to class or going to get groceries, it is the perfect commuter/cruiser. The board is extremely light weight and compact which makes for faster push acceleration from a stop, something that is often overlooked but I find important for commuting. The light weight and compactness also makes it very easy to carry around and store. Although its very compact, there is a surprisingly large foot platform to work with. I am 6’2″ with size 12 feet and I have no issues. I can even flat-foot tuck while going down hills on this deck. The flex of this board provides a great dampening to rough pavement as well as a more comfortable push. I weigh 200lbs and its held up just find for me. I switched out my indys with paris 149 tkps and it makes a world of difference as far as steering while pushing goes. Great call on Jeff’s part and I highly recommend you do the same. I’m falling back in love with just pushing around for the fun of it! Amazing work on the Ember. It’ll be a part of my quiver as long as it can roll!

  2. JBunson

    Im looking for small board for cruising/commute, but I´m a bit heavier rider. I weight about 220lbs, should I go with Ember or Trip 8ply? Which one is better for heavier rider?


    • admin

      Either one should work, but you are definitely on the upper weight limit of those decks. I’d probably trust the Trip more, but I don’t think either would fail you for a long time.

      UPDATE: We now offer a 9-ply Trip. That would easily be the best option for you! Ember still has been tested at your weight successfully, but we’d recommend that 9 ply for sure.

  3. Colin (verified owner)

    I just got into longboarding this past year. I live in a crowded city replete with plenty of giant sidewalk cracks and stretches of nothing but brick sidewalks.

    I’ve tried a couple setups before: mini-cruisers, a drop through, and a longer topmount.

    The Ember has opened up the city for me. My giant SpeedVents can tackle the chunky brick parts and the giant sidewalk cracks. In the street or on bike paths, I can glide for days. The doubledrop makes footbraking simple, even if I still tend to stomp too often. And when the terrain or hills get a little too intense for me, I can pop up the deck and carry it any distance without it feeling like a burden.

    Beyond that, the feel is just… right. I don’t know enough about longboard tech or deck design to articulate this feeling in any way, but it just feels great, like someone custom-made a board for me to enjoy. And “enjoy” is the word. I actively want to go out and ride this board everyday, even just to zip around the neighborhood on an errand or for fun.

    I am skating so much more than I was before, and I am that much more confident doing it. This setup really made the difference for me, and I’m excited for it to be my daily ride for a very, very long time.

    To be fair, my only quibbles:

    The deck feels a little narrow at times with my size 13 feet. Going super slow my first time out testing turns on the Ember, my heels caught the pavement, but that has never come close to happening at speed. The Trip could be better for people with feet as big as mine since the deck is wider.
    The kicktail works fine enough for popping up the deck when needed, but I haven’t yet figured out how well it can work for kickturns. Given my tight urban environment, that can be an occasional bummer when I need to go slow approaching a blind 90 degree turn and then want to be able to kickturn and push.

  4. Garrett

    Don’t buy a mini-cruiser. Buy an Ember.

    I never really understood why shorter versions of top-mounted downhill decks are marketed for cruising when they don’t allow for big wheels and aren’t low to the ground (the main things that you want in a deck that is good for actual cruising). Jeff from Pantheon calls them “Penny Killers” and I think that is a more accurate name. If you’re looking for a portable, easy to carry deck that is ideal for cruising, the Ember is your best option. Period. It’s like a sports car that allows for gigantic wheels. It’s a ton of fun to ride, low to the ground, and extremely easy to push. I highly recommend 85mm Seismic Speed Vents. I like them more than Kegels. I’m 5’9, 210, size 13 feet and while the smaller platform did take a little bit of getting used to, it was totally worth it. I love that I can ride this to the gym and throw it in a gym locker (it fits perfectly). Or ride it to a bar and throw it under a table. I frequently carry it with me on the train or in a store when I run errands. I prefer my Pantheon Quest for long distance pushing, but the Ember could certainly handle that too.

  5. Brett Holliday

    I absolutely love this board. I have had so much fun on it, it reminds me of the first longboard I ever owned.
    It has been handling amazing for long distance pushing, and I have even taken it down a few hills with success but I prefer tkp trucks.
    I weigh around 150 and I go pick up cases of beer with the board regularly so it can handle a decent amount of weight.
    100% recommend this board to anyone, even has the small kick tail for doing some manuals and easily picking up after using.

  6. Jason

    I got my first ember for Christmas last year and it had some problems because of the old factory but pantheon’s customer service is amazing and Gabe me a new deck free of charge. The ember is a great commuting board and ultra light weight. I have mine setup with Paris trucks and some free thoughts so I kick it sideways. It’s been ultra fun to ride and has been durable, couldn’t have asked for anything better!

  7. Brandon Anderson

    FIRE! This board has rekindled my love for carving and cruising. The deck is super light and nimble which allows for quick turns on the Paris tkps. Have been using the Orangatang Kegels and eyeing up some of the Caguamas at some point. The wheel clearance is amazing and completes the soft ride. Very compact and allows for a lot of fun while just out for a simple push. One of my favorite boards out of my quiver and I commuted with it all year.

    Comfy. Thank you for creating this amazing craft Pantheon! The Ember will be mine for as long as it is in one piece!

  8. Will

    I had wanted to get more into push for the longest time, but have never really been a fan of rkp trucks. The ember was the perfect solution to this dilemma! If you don’t need kicks and prefer an Indy style truck, this is the best deck you could ask for.. pantheon does it again, creating unique/innovative designs that fill niches not covered by most other brands!

  9. Shelby Cardell

    Borrowed this board from a buddy for a week or two and skated it to try it out, and I have to say, it’s an absolutely incredible deck! Absolutely love the width and it has just the right amount of flex that I have been looking for in a commuter board! Not to mention the fact that the deck art is also very aesthetically pleasing! You can tell that a lot of thought and heart was put into the overall design and craftmanship of the board, and after riding it to try it out, I eventually plan on buying my own! To those considering this board as a commuter board or as a push deck, I have ridden many other brands and styles that they have to offer, but the ember is by far the best of them all! And it’s for a killer price too!

  10. Olivier Bow-Bertrand

    Great looking board with sweet graphics. Love how can fit 85mm wheels on such a compact board and can ride over anything!

  11. Alex Ng

    The Ember is a great, fun, and compact deck that knows almost no bounds. While I wouldn’t take it down a hill, the Ember can be a great commuter deck, a push deck, a pump deck, and anything in between with its fun flex, TKP-centric design that fits pretty much any wheel size, and small size also makes it a great college board. Its nimble, its fun, and its got amazing graphic options, theres not much to not love on the Ember!

  12. Geran (verified owner)

    Great for any experience level. The stock setup is a rip, and gearheads have some solid options for tinkering. I have mine set up on Speedvents with a Bennett/Thunder with some wedging and dewedging, and it pumps well and feels great. The amount of detail Jeff puts into designing decks is incredible.

  13. Thomas Finley

    I’ve been riding this deck for 8 months now and have to say this is the best push deck I’ve skated out of many. It comes perfectly set up with a design based off of the trucks being sold with it, all in all it feels like the best possible scenario for tkps on a distance set up (which I personally love for urban ldp as well). I can go UP CURBS with this set up and can go down staircases with it as well. Foot placement is still wide and comfortable for only being a 32 inch deck, RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO CARRY AROUND! The concave is crafted perfectly enough to feel easily comfortable at faster bombing speeds and to slide around large square lipped wheels with ease. All in all a perfect set up and would recommend for every skater, especially if wanting a LDP board that you can still thrash.

  14. John

    My first Pantheon deck and my favorite pusher! I push about 40 miles a week on a curvy bicycle trail. I can’t imagine a more perfect deck for it. Big wheels, narrow package, playful trucks, and to top it off as a complete it’s lighter than every other push deck I’ve tried! Don’t waste your money on other mini cruisers. The ember is as unique as it is functional and sets the bar pretty damn high.

  15. Chris

    Pantheon makes the best push boards, hands down. I’ve owned a nexus prior to this and was wanting something smaller for walking my dog and trips to the park with my kids. The Pantheon Ember was pretty much a no brainer. It’s small, nimble, stable and most importantly FUN. You’re low to the ground so pushing and foot breaking is effortless…highly recomended.

  16. Holly (verified owner)

    As a person who never really skated when she was younger, I was apprehensive about learning. But the Ember has honestly helped me become better at cruising then any of the other setups I started with! I’m so happy I got it, and that I’m really pumped to go out and ride!

  17. Christian Cruz (verified owner)

    I was recommended this cruiser by word of mouth when I had asked the r/longboarding community about a good commuter board. I now understand why it was recommended. This is by a landslide the best cruiser board, it is small but it rides like a dream. The ember is my only board. I got mine equipped with 85mm speed vents and this thing tanks all obstacles while riding smooth. Honestly I’m happy with it, it fits my needs and I look forward to making a lot of memories with this nimble piece of art. I love this board.

  18. Tanya (verified owner)

    The Ember is my first board. Yggs and I became acquainted less than a month ago. I had been holding myself back from following a dream due to societal constructions and constraints making me believe I was too old to skate. However, as a non-traditional student on a very active skating campus the sounds of the boards gave me constant longing. I accidentally stumbled on the Ember while I was looking up metaphysical information on sacred geometry. I was immediately enchanted with the artwork of the decks. I began reading Pantheon’s website, looking up videos on YouTube, and I felt a good vibe. When I told a few people I was thinking of getting this board, I was told that I was too old to start skating (I’m 39). I think that cemented my decision. I received positive reinforcement from the Pantheon family (thank you) and some great advice on freedom. I’ve inseparable from Yggs. What I love about this board is not just the material traits it possesses, but what it symbolizes for me. As I grow and the faster I go, I feel freedom and joy. I am sure that a lot of seasoned skaters understand this freedom, but I really appreciate the Pantheon family for putting it out there in the world.

  19. Glen (verified owner)

    As the owner of Boosted Boards, a Bustin longboard, and cruisers of various shapes and sizes, if I could only have one board, this would be it. Fun story – I actually started out with a Pantheon Trip, which is an unassailably great board in its own right, but a friend of mine new to skating fell off the board and sent it flying into the East River (RIP). I replaced it with the Ember, which has most of the advantages of the Trip in a more compact, nimble package. Between the two boards, the Trip definitely has a lower, more stable, easier to push feel, so is probably easier for the absolute beginner. That said, the Ember is the better all around choice for an environment like NYC, where you are dodging potholes, pedestrians, taxis, garbage etc. The nimbler truck setup, narrower deck, kicktail and overall smaller footprint makes a difference in the day-to-day experience of use. Buy this and your other boards will collect dust.

    • Jeff V.

      Thanks for this. We have a history in NYC and absolutely had those times in mind when we designed the board. What a deck it would have been for the commute, landing at a party or friend’s house, and having the freedom of that style of travel. I rode a lot of funny decks in NYC. This would’ve made a lot of sense though.

  20. Omar (verified owner)

    This board is great for going the distance. I used it to commute to and from school and goin home from work. My commutes where mostly uphill and that drop platform with the rocker and tkp trucks made it easy. I had one of the forknose Prototypes but it got ran over by a car. Then I bought the Yggdrasil graphic and it was great until the tail broke off. The roads I ride are pretty tuff and the sidewalks are uneven. The fact that I was jumping off curbs and such didn’t help the rail either. For downhill it was fun. Going fast then doing a stand up to slow down where some of my favorite moments on this board. When paired with Paris tkps this board was responsive and surfy. Overall a great board for just about anything

  21. Adam Ornelles (verified owner)

    I love this board, out of the many decks I’ve owned this is my favorite. I ride it with Indy 149s/tensor maglights. Running riptide 85a bushings and urethane pivot. Weighs nothing. Super low compared to the Paris trucks. The street truck design of this deck is GENIUS, the narrowness of this deck is great. Pantheon really gets it when it comes to ldp decks. No more ghetto rigged double drop downhill decks. My stiff as a board narrow cut demonseed of ten years ago doesn’t hold a candle to this.

    Here’s my backstory:
    I just retired as a cycling hillclimbing racer and have always pushed 10-20 miles to commute. Living in the mountains in Asheville right off some famous downhill runs like Elk I never considered my loose gbomb on my cycling routes. With the ember I’ve been riding up thousands of feet, and then bombing mountains at 40 mph no problem. It’s surprisingly stable. It’s a little flexy and probably contributes to a chattery slide, but it still feels right drifting around corners and I love the flex while pushing. The curved drop is really nice for a tuck and knowing where you are. I can’t over-emphasize how good the small form factor feels compared to my skinny but long and hulking gbomb or my monstrosity of a demonseed pushing up a hill.

    I was pushing up a hill, passed some cyclists I used to race with, and when they asked if it was an electric skateboard I smiled and said “no”. Thanks Pantheon.

  22. (verified owner)

    My Ember just arrived today, so I’m basing this on first impressions. I put a solid 3.5 hours in on the board so got a solid feel for it. I’m riding it with the recommended setup (85mm wheels version) aside from having cheaped out on bushings assuming my giant set of Vemons would work. I hadn’t accounted for the fact that my set is for RKP trucks, and were mostly too large for the Paris street trucks. I refused to try the board with the stock bushings, seemed unfair. In the end got a pretty bad set up, and with a less then ideal fit (still better feel than stock, really don’t recommend using those). Back is probably the better, very hard barrel and moderate hard cone. Front is all messed with one of the softest barrels (think snowboard simulation carving soft and a moderate hard cone, everything’s tightened past the point of my preference. Sorry for all the background, but it’s important to my reflection on my first ride. I went out kind of expecting to switch back to my daily (which I had just added the pantheon bearings to), I figured the front truck might cause some wheel bite due to the cone’s softness, and figured the over-tightened hard bushings in the back would give me limited feel on one foot turns. On either of my other current setups, this situation would have been miserable to ride.

    In this case it was wonderful. The board was stable while pushing, even as I practiced switching which leg I pushed with (and I’m garbage at switch). The front truck allowed solid one foot turning but did not bite at all, even when I really tried. I’m new to dropped boards, and absolutely loved the center of gravity and balance it allowed. Transitioning from riding primarily on a very tall, very flexible bamboo board to the Ember was night in day in terms of my ability to walk the board, stand on my off foot, ride one footed on mild hills, ect). Many of these are skills I can engage in, mostly poorly, on my carving oriented primary, but which became almost impossibly easy on the Ember. On the bamboo, I can push for maybe an 1.5 hours before I’m shot, on the drop thru deck I ride, maybe 2.5, I returned from an almost 4 hour session on the Ember and could have continued riding. I’d estimate each lap (.5 miles) takes about 20-30% less time, and expends a fraction of the energy as the absolute best pushing set up I could attain with the other decks in my quiver.

    Comparing the Ember to other similar styled deck’s I’ve used (never owned), the first thing I notice is the weight. I’m used to “dropped” decks being just massively heavy, hard to carry, and momentum crushing on inclines. The ember is heavier then my much larger bamboo deck, but not by much (and the be clear, its a harsh comparison as the thin flexible bamboo deck is on the very light side of possible builds). It’s only a tad heavier then my maple and fiberglass dropthru that sits about twice as high (with much smaller wheels) and is 2 less ply. Under my 6 foot, ~175lbs frame, the Ember hardly flexes, and while it’s ill suited to freestyle tricks compared with other boards, felt sturdy as I whipped some boneless tricks out of curiosity (comparison, the fiber glass deck feels like their is a solid chance I snap it on a bad landing, I don’t recommend doing this as your fingers get really close to pavement on the grab, and any mistake could smash em right good).

    I’m avoiding naming other companies, because I’d imagine Panethon would prefer their page not become free adds for competition, but feel it says a lot to add that I’ve committed skated a single company for years (the bamboo deck is mine, the other kind of fell into my lap and is not one I would have selected for myself). I’ve owned 4 boards from the same company since I first discovered it, and have ridden them over the past decade+. Researching and buying a Pantheon was a major thing for me, and really was something I was only open to because I wanted a good pusher, and the company i’ve used does not make one. The few times I’ve purchased other companies products, I’ve been really disapointed (i’ll drop this reference in case anyones considering, and it’s def not to help, Bustin’s quality and customer service is insultingly bad, and their local for me so I hate to say that, but my experience makes me actively want to discourage people from purchsing their poor quality and poorly supported products).

    Pantheon’s product is absolutely top notch, and is a steal for the price. Even just the care with which my set up assembled was remarkable. I don’t buy completes, and usually rebuild from the factory, but this time I touched nothing but the bushings. Everything was perfectly installed and tightened, the grip was cut was car (and I love the design). The trucks function perfectly, as promised making wheel bite very difficult/impossible even with my poor bushing set up. Every part of the board feels quality, and the print design looks wonderful (something I typically tolerate/ignore from most brands). The hardware my board was built with (maybe paris stock but I doubt it) is the highest quality on any board I own (and i’m accustomed to paying literally twice as much for a complete).

    That was long winded. I recommend this board in every way. If you want an easy deck to push, that can also handle some downhill (I was impressed with how well), and doesn;t weigh too much to carry, this is it.

  23. Larkin Elliott

    Got an ember as a commuter a few years ago. This was my first double drop and longboard and has been an absolute workhorse! I’m around 200 lbs and would regularly load up 50+ lbs of groceries and have had no problems at all. I also would ride in wet conditions (it’s Houston haha) and have experienced no problems even with the older model w/out the coating. It’s an absolute joy to ride and very easy to take onto public transport.

  24. Jarod Ames

    Much better than any top mount cruiser; it’s very easy to push. I was also surprised at how comfortable it was to do some small slides with. Would definitely buy another one.

  25. Rafael Lopez

    I’ve been riding my Ember for a few months now and I absolutely love it. I set mine up on Indy’s with tall kingpins and blue Caguamas. The board is very agile and has lots of flex under my 215 lbs. At first my board would bite on the road when carving hard with a backpack on (for a total of 230 lbs, 215lbs + 15lbs), and the Indy’s being a few mm lower to the ground than Paris street trucks. So I decided to mount it topmounted and do not regret it, it is even more agile and still very low to the ground when I push because of the flex. Coming from 10 years of riding 10 inch wide boards 8.5 width felt a little narrow at first (11 size shoes) but is perfect for commuting when you get used to it. It is definitely the most comfortable board I’ve owned (and I had around 30). I would recommend this board for long distance pushing, commuting and cruising to anyone except 230lbs and over riders (9 ply Trip should do it for you). Big wheels and Paris are a must if you are on the heavier side and want to ride them double dropped.

  26. Cory Brown (verified owner)

    The Ember was the first “real” board I bought. I’ve ridden many boards since, and this one stays in heavy rotation because it is easily my favorite board I’ve ridden. The flex under my 175lbs is subtle, but perfect for soaking up annoying sidewalks on my commute. It’s handling is agile, lively and smooth on the Paris Street Trucks. Because of this board, I’ve found I prefer TKPs over RKP for anything other than high-speed downhill. The deck is so low to the ground that I feel I could push all day without being getting tired. The big 85mm wheels roll over everything. For commuting nasty sidewalks and varying roads I highly recommend the Caguamas, and go with speedvents if most your time will be spent skating distances on nice paths. This is easily the board I’ve put the most miles on, be it commuting, distance skating, or just to put a big fat smile on my face when I need it. Buy it!

  27. Ben (verified owner)

    I’ve been riding my Ember for over a year now. I picked the Yggdrasil graphic, and run the 79a (BlackOps) Speed Vent 85 mm wheels, which have proved to be really durable over that time. Along the way, I added some softer bushings (Bones 81a HardCore are great and available everywhere) and some Rayne bamboo wedges; 3 degrees up front and 7 degrees at the rear. While the wedges won’t make this a pump deck, it gives a low ride height similar to the Trip – or even the Pranayama – and gives a bit of thrust to the turn, which I like (*just be sure to double check for hanger contact if you do this, or – as Jeff says – just try a lower truck like an Indy or maybe a Thunder?). With still enough ground clearance for my daily commute, I can also do some serious distance on this Ember; up to 40 km (25 miles) on many occasions. I also ran some 76 mm wheels for a time, but I feel the 85 mm wheels are optimal for urban commuting duties, where road debris is concerned. Before I came to the Ember, I had been struggling on a generic top mount deck. I’ve passed my Ember on now; sharing the Pantheon love! And I’ve entered that niche of high-end (read: expensive) bracket boards as my fitness has improved and my distance has increased. But guess what, I’m already eyeing my next Pantheon purchase! A 9-ply Trip with Paris v3 and a 43 degree rear on Mango Vents, mmmmmm!

    • Jeff V.

      We are working on a bracket board 😉 Thanks for the review!

  28. C (verified owner)

    I’ve ridden my Ember for months now, and all I can say is that it lives above every expectation. As a smaller rider, I often have trouble finding decks that will be comfortable, convenient, and portable, but the Ember just ticks every box. The shape of the deck is extremely comfortable, and I never find myself having to worry about foot placement when I’m pushing. This isn’t even to mention how crazy smooth the Ember is. It has such a nice feel to it that can only be understood when you ride it. Plus, I can’t stress enough just how LOW and comfortable this board is. It’s almost shocking how easy it is to push for miles, and this is coming from someone whose arthritis prevents them from running competitively. All I’m saying is, BUY IT.

  29. Jerry (verified owner)

    Not gonna lie. This is one of the sickest boards I’ve ever pushed. I’m a 45 year old life long boarder and saw this board posted on Reddit and loved the way it looked. The 85mm wheels on 149 drop thru trucks is something I’ve never seen before. The design is awesome and love the profile.

    I added truck spacers to mine on the top to absorb and it skates like butter. Carves better than any board in my collection. No wheelbite at all. Cracks, pebbles, and debris are non-existent to this board. I love the size and weight.

    Literally everything is on-point with this board. Thank you so much, Pantheon. Keep it real.

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