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Pantheon Nexus – Hybrid Commuter / Downhill / Freeride Longboard


4.33 (6 reviews)

Length: 36.25″ (92 cm)
Width: 9.6″ (24.75 cm)
WB: 29.5 – 30.25″ (75 – 76.85 cm)
36 Grit Laser Cut Griptape Included
8 Ply Maple, 2x Triaxial Fiberglass Construction
1-inch Crescent Drop
1/4″ Rocker

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The Pantheon Nexus –  Hybrid Commuter / Downhill / Freeride Longboard


The Pantheon Nexus was our original double drop longboard. This means it is a drop through longboard also featuring a dropped platform. Designed to be the meeting point between many major longboard disciplines, we have made some minor changes from its original design but have kept the original intent alive. From downhill and freeride to covering long distances, the Nexus does it all extremely well. It is easily one of the most confidence inspiring boards out there. The double dropped platform lowers the center of gravity, enhancing natural stability and putting more side-force into the wheels when turning, which helps initiate slides with more ease and confidence. A comfortable, progressive concave combined with the drops is designed to lock you in for easy freeriding in any direction. And being so low to the ground makes pushing an afterthought. The stiff platform also provides both confidence at speed and the necessary stiffness for heavier riders looking for a push-specific deck. This deck is rock solid and will easily handle up to a 300 pound rider.

The Nexus has intense curves that are both ergonomic and comfortable. The crescent drop you’ve grown to know and love Pantheon Longboards for is, of course, a big part of this deck. One inch big, to be exact! And in between the drops, we’ve added a quarter inch of rocker for even lower pushing and to increase confidence in slides. Combine this dropped platform on a drop through longboard, and this is the board that we’ve been taking up and down the mountains here in Colorado, setting personal records for uphill pushing and equally pushing our limits down the hill. Seriously…the fastest standup slides I’ve ever thrown have been on this deck, in bathing suit shorts. While the clothing choice is not exactly recommended, the point stands. Confidence goes up being on such a low, stiff, and forgiving platform. A lot of advanced riders willl move to top mounts for a dedicated freeride longboard, but this Nexus will keep up in every way and is especially easy to learn on for people who are just beginning.

What’s New on Our Updated Nexus Longboard

· Lower Platform! – Features a big 1-inch crescent drop with a quarter in rocker in the platform! It is lower for easier distance pushing and more confidence inspiring sliding
· Speed Stiff Construction – We created this deck with 8 plies of maple and 2 layers of triaxial fiberglass to increase rigidity along the length and across the deck. Increasing torsional stiffness increases control, and confidence! We encased the fiberglass in a beautiful palm wood veneer, protecting the glass from scratches that might expose the hands to loose fiberglass over time.
· More Wheel Clearance! – We’ve been honing this over time to get it just right. You can now run thinner trucks with larger wheels on the Nexus when compares to pre-2020 models

New Maple and Fiberglass Construction!

The new 2021 Nexus receives only slight construction changes from last year’s model. Our newest construction pushes the fiberglass further toward the outside of the board, increasing stiffness and further weatherproofing the board, as no structural layers are exposed outside of the side rail. The 2021 Nexus features an 8 ply maple core, fiberglass on the outsides, and palm wood veneer on the outermost layer. This protects the fiberglass, so that if you bottom this deck out on curbs or flip the board and scrape the rails during some gnarly wipeout, it will not expose the glass, leaving your fingers exposed to loose fiberglass. This enhances both longterm usability and beauty, and we stand by this construction as one of our most premium offerings ever. We truly tested virtually every construction we could think of, and we even sold a few fancy carbon / poplar decks for a while. We’ve done bamboo cores with fiberglass, maple only, bamboo/maple hybrids, bamboo/maple/fiberglas hybrids. But nothing stood the test of time or offered as much bang for the buck as classic fiberglass and maple, and this is our maximization of that layup. The Nexus will undoubtedly stand the test of time and weather the elements quite well. It will arrive straight and hold shape!

The stiffer platform also makes the Nexus deck an optimal push board for heavier riders. Whereas 200 lb + riders have been historically forced to max out the Trip or Pranayama (and to be fair, it’s been working for them), they now have a double drop deck that can properly hold up to a 300-pound rider without fear of breaking down mid-ride.

Best Setup for our Premium Hybrid Freeride Longboard, the Nexus

The Nexus has been redesigned for more versatility in setup selection than ever. It makes for a most excellent pusher, which is why we put almost the exact same clearance capabilities as our Double Drop Trip longboard deck. Designed primarily around RKPs, the Nexus has only a slightly wider neck (for added stiffness) than the Trip, meaning that we are opting away from the Paris 150mm offering and really standing behind their 165mm trucks for this board–either the cast V3s or the forged Savants. And being that the cast V3s provide so much value, that is the setup we are offering as a complete on our website.

Truck Setups

For riders with their eyes on speed, we are offering completes set up with 43-degree cast Paris trucks! For pushing speed, we recommend the 50-degree trucks, and we are offering split angles (50 in front, 43 in back) for pushers and hill riders who want a capable freeride longboard with a directional feel that expect to hit speeds on this board. I usually keep my personal Nexus at 165mm 50/43, as I use this deck primarily for up and down mountain skates. I love sliding this setup for speed control, but if I were planning to ride in switch for a true freeride session, I would make the setup symmetrical and probably opt toward the 43/43 setup on the inner wheelbase with 68mm Seismic Tantrums, 69mm Snakes, or a similar setup.

Some other trucks we have tried that we like are Ronin 160mm cast Katanas. 165mm Arsenals can feel good for hill riding, but the center feels too strong for pushing control, so if you’re a pure hill rider, go for it, but we recommend any Paris combo over these for people who will spend a lot of time pushing. And you can certainly fit anything over 160-165mm, too, which brings out a ton of options for 180mm trucks. Personally, we only recommend 180mm trucks if you’re riding a centerset wheel that won’t stick out much. Otherwise, the wheels tend to look a little weird on the board, and, of course, sticking further out will increase the likelihood of potentially kicking the wheels on accident.

Lastly, one thing you may enjoy trying is a 169mm TKP truck on the inner wheelbase. This will be a much more “floaty” setup, but it’s definitely worth trying if you like TKP trucks but need a stiffer or longer deck than our other TKP-compatible boards.

Wheel Setups

Though the Seismic Speed Vents aren’t exactly notorious for their smooth sliding (when fresh), the roll speed is most excellent, and make for an excellent slim setup for pushing. For pushers only, we like the Speed Vents. We love the grip that Orangatang Caguamas bring to the table, and recommend them for people who want to ride hills and grip, and then slide for the purpose of slowing down. They tend to be a little chattery for sliding when new (just like the Speed Vents) and they definitely grip harder. Both of our big wheel offerings will break in nicely and slide very well at higher speeds after a few slides. We don’t recommend them for people who primarily want to use their board for freeride, but they’re a nice middle-ground wheel for ups and downs and speed control during commutes or for hill riding. For riders looking to do a lot of mixed skating, still want a smooth roll but plan to do a lot of sliding, or for riders who are learning to slide for the first time, we really love the 68mm Seismic Tantrums and Powell Peralta Snakes, whenever those come back in stock (no due date right now, so we aren’t offering them). If you are looking to maximize the amount of fun possible on this board and you aren’t looking to grip tight turns at speed, we highly recommend the 165mm 43 degree Paris and sub-70mm slide wheels. The Tantrums are fast urethane and a super fun freeride wheel. You really are maximizing the control by getting the feet closer to the wheels, and this setup truly shines as safe but highly effective.


The Nexus comes equipped with medium, 60-grit griptape. For most applications, this will be perfect for a mix of all types of skating. If you are hitting some gnarly hills and sliding fat wheels like the Caguamas to really shed speed quickly, you may want to upgrade your grip in the foot pockets, but our grip will fit the bill for most freeride longboard applications, and it won’t tear up your shoes too bad during the push, either.

Hill Riding Is LDP’s Future!

There is no better active way to get around on hilly terrain than a skateboard! Seriously, I pass more bikers going up our local Lookout Mountain than bikers pass me. Only the tightest of spandex wearing bois have a chance, and the steeper the hill, the more likely I am to make the pass–up or down. Meanwhile, these guys have a saddle up their nuts and are activating far less balance muscles than a skateboarder ever would. The Zen you will experience on a skateboard has value, and sure, maybe it’s a little tougher to master, but mastering hard things is a huge part of the human experience! Live it! Not shitting on bikes here, but…skateboards are way more fun, and bikes go further and can handle trails. There’s a trade-off somewhere, and our double drop decks like the Nexus push that distance trade-off further down the road.

And once you’ve taken the leap to a skateboard, the next step is mastering your skills and learning how to survive whatever is in your path. Hill riding is a sort of special skill–one with seemingly large stakes. But once you’ve learned how to fall (assuming you are properly geared up with a helmet and some slide gloves like the Free Hands fingerless slide gloves), as long as you are invested in making smart decisions, you can do it very safely. If the distance bug has bitten you, the next thing you’ll start to think about is where you can go. Learning to master skills that will stretch your ability to travel is both integral and exciting!

6 reviews for Pantheon Nexus – Hybrid Commuter / Downhill / Freeride Longboard

  1. Ben Andrews

    Paying 5 stars to offset Brandon who doesn’t even own one ????‍♂️

  2. Thiccboarder (verified owner)

    Big riders (and everyone else), this is absolutely the board for you. I’m close to 280 and get only mild flex. What’s better, it feels more like the board is “settling” rather than bending when I step on, almost like a car suspension. I think that’s due to the tubbed deck shape, which makes the standing platform nice and stiff. I get no wheelbite running 180mm V2s on the inner mounting holes, even with really tall (Caguma) and/or wide (Krimes downhill) wheels. Did a static test with a 160mm Caliber hanger on Paris plates and everything seemed fine there as well. I might even try some Paris 150mms down the line. Definitely need to dial in your bushings though! I’m running 95a cone/barrel. With those and the 180mm trucks, I was completely unable to force static wheelbite, even when holding 50# of dog food on my shoulder and standing on one foot on the corner!

    I wanted to focus on being a bigger rider since I was given a moderate discount to review specifically that, but that doesn’t mean that this board is just for the gravitationally endowed. The combination of being “only” 36 inches with lots of usable foot space means that all but the largest and smallest riders would fit. I love the tubbed deck shape; the flat bottom makes pushing really comfortable. Combined with the drop and drop through, this thing is so. damn. low. It feels perfectly stable, which is great for speed or if you’re just learning. That’s probably the biggest strength of the Nexus, it really shines at low speeds (beginners and pushers), while also being able to bomb hills and slide like a purpose-built downhill rig.

    As for looks, I think they speak for themselves. The art is uncommonly good for a longboard and even if it’s not your taste you have to admit that it’s extremely well executed and really pops off the dark black stain. Speaking of the stain, I love still being able to see some wood grain and think it’s vastly better than if it were pure black.

    Absolute gem of a deck.

  3. Matte

    I’ve been eyeballing the Nexus for months and stumbled upon it a few weeks ago at an european retailer. Hit order immediately and been using it for a couple of weeks now. I’ve used the Trip for two years as my main board and wanted to get started with sliiides —> Nexus.
    So far I have nothing but positive things to say. The deck is amazing and roomy for people with big feet, it’s stiff, stable and FUN! Am using 43 degree Paris Savants and Seismic Tantrum wheels (couldn’t find Peralta Snakes in stock anywhere) along with Orangatang nipples.
    Am not proficient with slides (yet) but man, this board really slides well and has no problems going fast. Been doing some long distance skating as well, up and down hill, with some slides inbetween and it is absolutely amazing. Been spoiled with the long distance comfort the Trip provides but the Nexus is not far behind.
    Super versatile board, fast, fun, yup!
    A hundred perccent absolutely recommend.

  4. Matthew (verified owner)

    Amazing board! I got back into riding a board about 2 years ago. I have purchased 6 boards over the last 2 years and I have just found the perfect board for me………My Nexus. At 41 years old and 220lbs I finally learned a pretty solid heel side. I never get tired of this board. Big ups to Jeff and Pantheon for the obvious love and dedication that they show for longboards!

  5. Michael (verified owner)

    I bought the Nexus for two reasons.
    1) I live in a hilly suburban area and have daily commutes that often take me on some pretty serious hills. My daily commuter is the Pranayama, which is absolutely stellar. However, on days where I can go a bit further away from traffic, I needed a board that was easier to slide an, more importantly, gave me an increased feeling of stability when going faster down hills. The Nexus does that amazingly. More stable, more secure, more drift because of how heavy it is. I didn’t expect to use it for commuting this much, but it allows me to take less congested routes, which is great.
    2) I also like to do treks in the mountains nearby. Rather than take a car up to ride down on a topmount DH/freeride board, I wanted to focus more on exercise and health, so I decided to start pushing up some steeper roads, then ride back down. While I could certainly just push uphill on a Gaia, it was far from ideal. No topmount is as comfortable and easy to push as the Nexus. And on the way back down, I don’t think any pushboard offers the comfort, stability, and drifty fun that the Nexus does. It actually opened me up to DH in a way, since I was able to get more comfortable sliding, drifting, and generally finding confidence at such speeds.

    I wouldn’t use the Nexus as a daily commuter on more congested routes or flatter areas. The Pranayama is better for that. It’s lighter, smaller, and more maneuverable. But for up-downs on mountain roads and taking on hills during my commute, nothing beats the Nexus.

    For reference: I use 165mm Paris V3 trucks and either Snakes or 85mm Mint Speed Vents with my Nexus.

  6. Franco (verified owner)

    Just a really well put together board. I went with the complete on split 50/43 paris 165mm and 80a Caguamas.
    I am 6’2, 260-265lbs and the flex is perfect, just a light dampening flex with a really strong return. Have already put about 60 or so miles on it and just learning how to skog, the low platform makes it super easy.
    One thing to note is that on the setup I have, the wheels line up perfectly with the rails of the deck, I was worried there was gonna be some poke since the other pusher decks use TKP’s or 150mm paris but since the Nexus deck is a bit wider it all lines up.
    Another concern was the foot platform, I am coming from a subsonic pulse top mount with a lot of footroom but don’t feel cramped on this deck. I am use 13 shoes and have some room to shimmy up or down the deck a bit when setting up for a switch push.

    Hoping to put more miles on this thing for the #pushculture and hope to scoop up another one of pantheons offerings on a future drop.

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