Pantheon Pranayama Complete with 86mm McFly Wheels

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Comes completely assembled and ready to ride out of the box with Paris 149mm Street Trucks, 86mm McFly Wheels and Pantheon High Precision Bearings.

The Pantheon Pranayama is a meticulously fitted distance and commuting longboard. The board was designed to fit perfectly with 85mm wheels and street trucks. If you’re focused on the ease of the journey, whether a beginner or advanced rider, the Pranayama will easily get you wherever you’re going with as little effort as possible over just about any distance. No other longboard features this low of a ride height with as big of wheels. Period.

Riders all over the world are consistently telling us that the Pranayama is the most used board in their quiver. Featuring an extremely low ride height, lightweight design, comfortable flex, slim profile, and perfectly fitted components, this longboard stands above all others in ease of use and fit. This board is made for your body, and it’s made for this setup. Large 85mm wheels will roll over just about anything in your path, and slim 149mm trucks create an overall thin profile that allows riders to keep their center of gravity closer to their push foot, resulting in greater balance and power. The lowest of low standing platforms allows for easier foot pushing and effortless foot braking. Beginners and experts alike will benefit from this greater efficiency, and riders will find themselves traveling further on a longboard than they originally thought possible. 

Because the Pranayama is designed specifically around street-style trucks, this board will come alive on the streets in a way that you’ve never felt on a distance longboard. It may take a little getting used to, being so lively, but once you do, it’s a whole lot of fun, and you’ll find yourself outside riding further and longer than ever. While this board makes for an excellent distance commuter/cruiser at low speeds, it was ridden fully stock to a win at the 2019 Beijing Skateboard Marathon–its debut skateboard distance race! 

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Based on 2 reviews
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  1. Noah (verified owner)

    Great board looks great and rides even better

  2. Will B

    Perfect out of the box. I’ve put just over 100 miles on this board so far and it’s a dream to ride. Wish that I’d bought a pranayama first because my other boards are just collecting dust at this point. Major thanks to Jeff and the Pantheon team!

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