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*PRE-ORDER* Pantheon Tandava – Dancer Longboard – Due Late May


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Length: 45.3″
Width: 9.45″
WB: 28.66 – 29.91″
80 Grit Laser Cut Griptape Included
6 Ply Maple, 2x Triaxial Fiberglass Construction
Straight Rail Design

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The Tandava is currently on pre-order. They are officially moving our way, and now that they are finished, paid for and en route, we are ready to start lining up those orders so that when they come in, we are ready to go hard, build and ship. Secure your order here with an anticipated ship date probably in the last week of May. We will update as we receive more information.

The Pantheon Tandava –  Flexible and Strong by Design Dancer Longboard


The Pantheon Tandava is finally here! After years of experimenting with dancer concepts and designs, we have finally settled on a design that we feel strong enough about to put it out into the world. This was not an easy feat, because as you may already know, we have a history of only creating what we feel like we can improve upon. How do we improve upon the many dancers out there and offer significant value to riders? For us, this meant combining a solid , proven construction, with some shaping technology that we feel has been somewhat overlooked by other brands. As a dedicated wood shaper, this is the space that I feel we have a slight edge.

The Tandava dancer combines a very gentle camber and concave that gently swoops tighter and tighter as it moves into the truck mounts, providing subtle and comfortable feedback to the rider, so you can focus on those sweet dance moves and not where to and where not to step. There is no uncomfortable part of the board. Combining perfectly shaped concave hand in hand with the deck profile allowed us to create a board with no hot spots–meaning, no matter how many times you kick this board up and it comes crashing down, it will not continue to land in the same places over and over again, causing uneven wear and breakages. This is most common on decks with wheel flares and most decks with cutouts. As the board comes crashing down to the ground, it lands on the edge of the deck, where the concave drops out and starts forming into a tail, and the board breaks down in this one spot significantly faster than the rest of the deck.

Flexible and Strong Construction

· Lower Platform! – Features a big 1-inch crescent drop with a quarter in rocker in the platform! It is lower for easier distance pushing and more confidence inspiring sliding
· Speed Stiff Construction – We created this deck with 8 plies of maple and 2 layers of triaxial fiberglass to increase rigidity along the length and across the deck. Increasing torsional stiffness increases control, and confidence! We encased the fiberglass in a beautiful palm wood veneer, protecting the glass from scratches that might expose the hands to loose fiberglass over time.
· More Wheel Clearance! – We’ve been honing this over time to get it just right. You can now run thinner trucks with larger wheels on the Nexus when compares to pre-2020 models

New Maple and Fiberglass Construction!

We’ve been adding this to most of our boards for the 2021 season, and the Tandava is no different. Combining the strength and cost effectiveness of maple with the consistency and pop of fiberglass is a winner, and we cap off the top and bottom with a beautiful black burly solid wood veneer to protect the glass and ultimately your hands, over time. The 6-ply core is a perfectly versatile flex. We may add more options in this future, but we are going to get mass feedback on this first and consider adding or subtracting down the road. This deck flexes just the right amount under my 180-pound frame, and we’ve had riders from 100-200 lbs ride this that loved the way it felt. The concave is flat enough, and the camber is lax enough, that no one will stand on it and not feel a bit of flex under their weight. While we don’t recommend this board for people much over 230 lbs, I don’t expect you’ll bottom it out easily. We’ll have to wait for more feedback on that one, and I don’t want to feel like I’m just making things up here. If we need to add a ply or add more fiberglass for heavier folks in the future, we may add that offering later.

Shaped Perfectly for Longevity

While the deck is executed perfectly with its standard high-end construction, there are plenty of brands out there putting crazy materials into these boards to protect your dancer deck from excessive wear. We took a bit different approach. Years of skateboard design and manufacturing has made certain factors in shaping very clear to me, and that is that the shape itself is a major determining factor in board wear. I can’t tell you how many boards I have designed with wheel flares 10 years ago, but it was a lot. I thought they were so cool at the time! But wheel flares create what I like to call a “hot spot” on the deck, so that when the board flips and lands on its top side, it tends to land on that hot spot. Over. And over. And OVER again. Worst of all, this is usually combined with a wheel well–the thinnest part of the board–and can lead to chunking the wheel wells and otherwise excessive wear of the deck. Our approach to solving this problem is through shaping. You notice that there are no parts of this board that wear excessively faster than the others. This is by design, as the sidewall of the board is identical in height across the length until the board starts to curve up and create its tail pocket, resulting in a really cool feeling and functional scooped tail!

Truck Setups

We are offering the Tandava dancer with Paris 180mm V3 Trucks in 50 degrees. This is the standard of longboard dancing for good reason. The trucks have a great feeling, flowy, center, with a ton of lean, and they’re fairly tall and will help you avoid wheelbite with any wheel 70mm or under. The Paris 180mm truck is the gold standard of longboard dancing setups, and if you don’t purchase a complete from us, we still recommend you set it up with Paris, until something better comes out!

Wheel Setups

We work out of a small shop here, and there’s not a ton of space for carrying tons of wheel options for our completes, so we make an effort to find you what we think is the absolute best and offer that. We picked the 68mm Seismic Tantrums, and if you set up a Tandava dancer as a complete with us, we are convinced you’re going to love them. The Tantrums are a great size for cruising around and hold speed nicely, combined with the world’s fastest urethane and a lightweight core design, allowing you to flow some long lines together and pop that deck up sky high without losing all your speed on a tiny wheel. Ultimately, this comes down to preference, and I myself have set up dancers on anything from 65mm to 75mm wheels for various purposes (did you know dancers are super fun to commute on?), but we feel that the 68mm Tantrum is a fantastic place to start and a sort of do-it-all option for a versatile dancer that feels as good on the road as it does in the air.


The Tandava griptape is laser cut and set up fairly sparsely on the board, opening up the center of the platform for all those sick dance moves you’ve been practicing in front of the mirror for. The rest is 80 grit and will absolutely hold you if you need to. We outlined the outer rim of the board around the whole board so you won’t get any slippage when deep in a carve on the edge of the board (one of the best feelings in the world…you’ve GOT to try it!)


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