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Pantheon Trip

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The Pantheon Trip is a truly optimized double-drop distance longboard. Our longest-standing deck in our entire lineup, the Trip has been a staple favorite for years. Skaters from all over the world have ridden the Trip, and it has gotten increasingly better every single year as we have collected feedback and improved processes and designs over time. Now in its 6th year of production, this board features a maple core, triaxial fiberglass on either side of the core, surrounded by a rosewood veneer. The outer shell veneer is designed to protect your fingers over time so that scraping the board on curbs, speed bumps, or other objects doesn’t break the fiberglass loose and end up in your fingers. 

The Trip features a double drop platform, meaning the trucks mount on top of the board in drop-through style, being bolted to the top of the board and dropping the hanger through the deck, and then the standing platform of the board is lowered below the truck mounting area. Pantheon’s double drop longboards, specifically, feature a proprietary “crescent drop” that retains concave through the length of the platform, curves through the drop, and then incorporates concave through the neck of the board. Curvature adds strength and stiffness to surfaces, so, given that our Trip deck as well as all of our other double drop longboards feature this crescent drop, these decks are stronger and stiffer than comparable longboards on the market. If you get a good look at this board’s shape, you’ll notice that there isn’t a single flat spot on this board. Given that curvature adds strength, this allows us to make the boards thinner, lighter, and more ergonomic with slimmer truck and wheel setups, so you can optimize your push for more forward movement. This is why you can outfit your Trip with 150mm trucks and 85mm Speed Vents without getting wheelbite. There is literally not a single other board on the market that allows you to fit a deck together like this while riding as low. 

Riders will notice the benefits of the design elements of the Trip immediately. The thin overall design helps keep the center of gravity closer to the balance foot during each push. This optimizes energy output and creates less waste. The fit of the Trip brings the truck mounting position closer to the balance foot in the front, allowing riders to stand closer to the trucks, optimizing agility, control, and balance. The ultra-low double drop platform puts the rider closer to the ground, making pushing and foot braking easier, and even instills a sense of confidence for beginner longboarders who might be anticipating running off their boards. Every millimeter is felt in height, and the Trip is the lowest board with the deepest drop out there. The forked nose and tail of the Trip reduce the overall length to 33 inches, making this board exceptionally manageable both on the ground and in the hand. This is done without reducing the size of the usable foot platform, which feels much larger on the Trip when compared to other boards of its size. Every centimeter of this thing board is truly optimized. 

Riders who are having trouble choosing between the Pranayama and the Trip, since they are essentially sister-boards, should consider their terrain and preferred riding styles. The Trip can be modified with a 50/43 RKP setup to increase stability, and even at 50/50, the Trip is more stable at speed and slides with more control than the Pranayama. Riders who prefer stability should choose the Trip, and riders that prefer a more wild and lively riding experience should choose the Pranayama. If you’re on hilly terrain and anticipate hitting speeds that might make you nervous, you’ll feel best on an asymmetrical 50/43 setup on the Trip.

At the end of the day, you’re the one in charge. The Trip just gives you the capacity to take full control and make the most out of your push. This double drop longboard has been refined over the years, and as riders should expect from Pantheon, it’s better than it’s ever been. That is what years of energy, attention, and intention will manifest into.

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Product Specifications


Length 33" (83.82cm)
Width 9" (22.86cm)


27.25" (69.21cm)


6 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Michael

    The Trip the standard-bearer for distance skaters and commuters. There isn’t a better option on the market. If you want to cruise around town, commute, do a marathon, and even hit some decent hills with a bit of speed and stability, look no further.

    Perfectly designed to reduce any chance of wheel-bite or kicking the wheels when exhausted. The signature Pantheon crescent drops truly are advantageous and special. Such a thoughtful design. The standing space feels bigger than it should and cups your feet in a unique way, compared to other double drops.

    This feels like a distance board designed by the best distance skaters in the world. Yes, it is a top tier cruiser that can be used in virtually any context. Where it really shines, though, is when you want to push your limits and push yourself to the point of exhaustion. When you reach that zone, where small mistakes and lazy form can lead to a bit of pain, you’ll feel safer on the Trip than on anything else.

    I can’t recommend this board highly enough.

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