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Make no mistake about it. The Wiggler is the weirdo in our lineup. Bracket decks are weird enough already, but as far as we know, no one has ever made a bracket deck this long. The overall length of this board is just over 35 ½ inches, and there’s a solid 26 ½ inches of usable platform. You won’t find yourself wanting for space. The long length provides ample flex and will get you riding lower than most other bracket platforms when you’re pushing in the middle of deck. When pumping, you will find yourself moving forward on the board and riding the nose. A gentle wiggle is all it takes to get and keep this thing going, and that’s really the idea of the board. Move at a gentle pace as comfortably as possible, using as little energy as possible.

On top of the Wiggler’s performance as a bracket deck, it also has the ability to ride as a top mount, with wheel wells in the front and back! Because we built this deck to withstand weight as a bracket board, this makes the platform of the Wiggler fairly stiff as a topmount. What that actually means is that it can handle higher speeds and/or heavier riders than most other pumpers. Some riders may purchase this board and set it up specifically to run it as a top mount only! And it will perform very well as such. Ideally, we envision this board in its top mount form as a garage pumper. Want to kick ass and take names in the garage circuits? Set this sucker up with some slalom trucks and get ready to grip those corners with the best of them but then to have the wheelbase required to really pump down the straights faster than the competition. Need to stiffen up the platform for even higher speeds? Run the smaller wheelbase options and let her rip!

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Product Specifications


Length 35.6" (90.42cm)
Width 10.15" (25.78cm)


24.33 - 30" (61.8 - 76.2cm)


7 Ply maple core with Triaxial Fiberglass on top and bottom, encased in wood veneer.

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  1. Landy

    This is a cool and versatile deck that defies pigeonholing One the one hand, as a bracket deck, it is super long and seems to want to go mostly in a straight line for long distances with maximum efficiency. That is true if you are pushing it, paddling it, or pumping it. On the other hand, it could be a sweet topmount pumper. I have not used it in that form yet, but it certainly makes for a very stable platform as a long distance bracket deck.

    One niggle on the wiggler is that it will bottom out if you are a heavier rider using the longer wheelbases. I weight about 180 lbs/80 kg and cannot use a wheelbase longer than the middle holes on the rear of the deck with a torsion tail. But if you are lighter you might be able to. You could of course shorten the deck by cutting it, but then it isn’t as useful as a top mount.

    So, like most things it life, it is a compromise. But I appreicate the adaptability of the deck to various uses, and if you wanted to use one deck to try several different styles of riding (dropped pusher commuter, top mount pumper, stable land paddling platform, or endurance LDP specialist) then there might not be a better choice out there.

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